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  • Unicons holds signing ceremony of Business Plan 2019

    26/02/2019 | Company News

    Overview of the signing ceremony of Unicons Business Plan 2019

    In 2019, Unicons sets a target revenue of VND 10,000 billion and a 15% increase in labor productivity compared to 2018. Together with the parent company Coteccons, Unicons pays special attention to creativity to improve labor productivity and develop Coteccons Group’s ecosystem to create more perfect products and services to meet customers’ needs. The company continues to take care of employees’ lives and maintain the best working environment in Vietnam’s construction industry.

    Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – Coteccons Group’s Chairman (right) and Mr. Le Chi Trung – Unicons’ General Director (left)

    Previously, also in December 2018, Unicons’ managers presented the final reports of production and business activities in 2018 in turns. In 2018, with the drastic leadership of the Board of Leaders and the efforts of the staff, Unicons achieved many targets on revenue, profit and debt recovery. The project management objectives in terms of quality, progress, customer relations and successive personnel training were also focused and fulfilled, creating a premise for the development in 2019 and the following years.

    Unicons’ management team

    With the capacity of the management team, the solidarity and the consensus of the staff, Unicons will surely reap many new successes in 2019.

    Unicons’ strategy for 2019: “Optimizing and improving competitiveness”

    Some other photos of the event: