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  • Coteccons Group


    Main areas of business activity
    • Construct, install civil and industrial Works, urban and industrial park infrastructures, transportation and irrigation Works.
    • Architectural activities and relevant technical consultancy: Design general layout plan of Works; Architectural design of civil and industrial Works; Indoor and outdoor design; Design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for civil and industrial Works; Design ME part of Works; Design civil – industrial construction; Design of urban infrastructure construction.
    • Construct Works of water drainage and supply, environmental treatment.
    • Trading, brokerage, real estate consultancy, land use rights of owner.
    • Install MEP systems.
    • Specialize in export and import business, export and import right of the following items: iron, steel, building structures, materials and installation equipment, materials – machinery – equipment – spare parts, technological line of construction industry and production of construction materials, construction machinery and equipment
    Important Company Milestones

    Last 5 year business achievements Turnover and net profit of the company are shown as follows:



    Strategic Shareholders With sustainable development strategies and business transparency in the issuance of shares to strategic shareholders, Coteccons has attracted several national and international investors, such as:

    • Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd
    • Indochina Holdings Group Ltd
    • Thanh Cong Investment and Business one member Co., Ltd
    • Kusto Pte., Ltd

    Organisation Structure and Human Resources Structure: The shareholder community has the most powerful authority to approve any changes or revisions to regulations or annual business objectives of the company In the Annual General Meeting the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors shall be elected to manage all business activities. The Board of Directors is responsible for implementing the Annual General Meeting’s decisions. Coteccons is directly managed by the General Director appointed and approved by the Board of Directors. The General Director manages the company in accordance with Company Regulations approved by Annual General Meeting and under Vietnam Laws.

    Resources: Coteccons is proud of a team of experienced, elite and creative engineers, architects and expatriate experts. All the staff participates fully in training, created for the purpose of self-improvement and perfection.

    Social activities We understand that a successful company is the one which does not only focus on its business targets but also shares responsibilities with the community by charity activities to improve the society, such as: –  Scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance (especially disadvantaged students) –  Houses for poor families under preferential policies. –  Participation in relief efforts for people affected by natural disasters. Thanks to its achievements, Coteccons has consistently been voted with the following awards in recent years:

    • The Best Construction Company
    • HCMC People’s Committee Merit for achievements in safety
    • Vietnam Report TOP500
    • Vietnam’s Golden Cup for Construction Quality
    • Vietnam’s Top 50 Best Enterprises
    • Vietnam’s Top 50 Best Listed Businesses
    • Vietnam’s 100 Most Tax-paid enterprises
    • The Best Annual Report.


    To become the leading construction corporation in Vietnam, operating in the regional and international markets, specializing in general contractor projects, design and build, and infrastructure works.


    Our prestige and quality are the measures for our brand name’s value, Coteccons commits to provide our clients with Works meeting the demands on fast execution, high quality, technical standards, aesthetics and efficiency.