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  • Unicons kicked off Far Eastenr project in Binh Phuoc

    10/11/2015 | Construction

    Mr. Chan Shih Neng, General Director of New Apparel Far Eastern Vietnam Co. Ltd said in his speech: “It is our most important project in Vietnam. We choose Unicons as the main contractor for its wide range of construction experience and deep knowledge of Vietnam market. We do hope to achieve our dream of a modern factory to boost our sales in Vietnam”.

    The project marked the first appearance of Unicons in Binh Phuoc Province – a potential land for large-scale industrial project in southern Vietnam. It will be constructed in 2 consecutive phases and planned to finish in November 2016. The total contract value reaches VND 187 billion.

    New Apparel Far Eastern Vietnam is a 100%-foreign-invested company of Far Eastern Corporation in Taiwan. Its modern garment assemblies produce and export products to the USA, Europe and global markets. When finished, the new factory will generate jobs for around 10,000 local workers.

    Unicons has been trusted by international corporations like Regina Miracle, Huafu, Shenzhou International, Texhong, Gain Lucky for constructine the big garment and textile factories in Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong, Unicons General Director said it was the deep insight of client’s culture and demand as well as various experiences of a general contractor that would help Unicons achieve the final success of this project.