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  • Unicon completed the handover of 215 villas in Vinhomes Thang Long project

    10/04/2017 | Construction

    Vinhomes Thang Long project has a scale of 798 villas and semi-detached city houses. Since its birth, it has created a wave of attraction in the real estate market in Hanoi. Unicons builds 215 houses together with other members of Coteccons Group with the completion time of 10 months.

    With the urgent progress and strict requirements from the Client, Unicons Steering Board has ceaselessly worked, together endeavored to overcome difficulties and obstacles to come into the destination according to the committed progress with the outstanding finishing quality.

    Until April, 2017, Coteccons Group had completed the handover of 798 houses of the project, particularly, Unicons completed the handover of 215 houses, officially finished the project successfully .

    Video about panorama of Vinhomes Thang Long project on the handover date

    Sharing about the construction process, Mr. Nguyen Thom – Site Manager of Unicons revealed: “Vinhomes Thang Long project is one of the big challenges for myself and other people in the Steering Board of Unicons. The project progress is urgent, the weather in the Northern Region is very harsh and abnormal, the construction site is wide, which requires tight control capacity. At the peak time or seasonal construction time, we encounter a lot of difficulties in mobilizing the workforce… However, such difficulties become great motivations for us to make the best efforts and obtain solidarity. We have united and together overcome all obstacles. Until now, the project has been basically completed and we have completed the handover to the Client as well as the first residents. This is the big happiness of construction workers like us”.

    Throughout 10 months of construction, from the sleepless nights to place concrete to “sprint” to catch up the progress of sample house completion to the severe winter of the Northern Region, efforts by Engineers of Unicons and Coteccons Group at this project are worth being recognized. With the strong youth and spirit of constantly overcoming difficulty, Unicons Steering Board, once again, has affirmed the prestige and brand position of Unicons and Coteccons Group in the field of high class villa construction.