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    Unicons office is an open space because we want to get rid of every barrier so that members can easily share with each other. You can freely express new ideas and even share your troubles and concerns with your boss. At work, discipline must be observed strictly, but after work all members are just like family siblings who are willing to share everything with each other.


    Those who work under the common roof of Unicons can quickly feel friendliness, which is a distinctive feature of this workplace. It is a friendly working environment where each person feels familiarity and love like in their own home. That is because everyone at Unicons treats others as brothers and friends. Older colleagues will always be willing to show their care and share the experience with the younger co-workers whether when it comes to professional knowledge and skills or good behaviors in life. And it is you who will ‘inherit’ and spread such cultural feature to the next generation.


    Unicons people love changing and inventing new things. We do not like doing old things in the old ways. Every day, at Unicons works, new construction methods are being sought, every department has new innovative products, every employee thinks about how to solve today’s problems more efficiently than past ones. Together, we create a continuos innovation and development process, which contributes to create Unicons’ great competitive advantage in the market. If you are passionate about innovations, the Unicons environment will definitely be the best land for you!