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  • Walking festival “Thousands of Coteccons steps”: Connecting 4,000 Coteccons Group staff in both Southern and Northern regions

    04/08/2017 | Company News

    The event took place in a joyful atmosphere with lots of emotions and guaranteeing safety for all participants. Nearly 3,000 people participated in the event at Crescent Plaza, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City and around 1,000 people participated in the event at Yen So Park, Hanoi

    The event “Walking Festival Day – Thousands of steps of Coteccons” in HCMC

    Coteccons Group staff members at the starting point in Hanoi

    This event was held on the occasion of 13th anniversary of the company’s establishment (24/8/2004 – 24/8/2017) and organized by Coteccons for the first time with the desire to create a happy and healthy atmosphere and connect all Coteccons employees across the country. The program was also a community-oriented activity where Coteccons staff and their families and the company’s partners contribute to volunteer activities before and during the Festival Day.

    Before the opening ceremony, a lot of diversified and interesting activities were held for the participants such as drawing the Coteccons logo on the face, clowns twisting balloons for children, attaching heart-shaped stickers to complete a volunteer-themed picture, practicing dancing Flashmob among others.

    Together completing a volunteer-themed picture

    Interviewing a child of the company’s employees in Hanoi

    The walking festival day began with the excitement and joy in the connection activity between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi via live videoconference where all staff members in the South and North said hello to each other, responded to the Festival, and spoke out loud the same slogan “Coteccons – If you want to go far, go together”.

    All employees on both sides had emotional moments when they listened to stories about the Company in its early days, profession stories told by the Coteccons people etc. and felt proud when looking back works executed by Coteccons over the years that spread throughout the S-shaped land of Vietnam.

    Live videoconference connecting two regions: South and North

    Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong – The company’s General Director put the final puzzle piece in the Coteccons building model

    To gain achievements as today, all works at Coteccons are led by a leadership team comprising dedicated, willing-to-do-everything, sincere people, and especially this success is also gained thanks to the spirit of solidarity of all Coteccons employees since “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” as shared by a staff member in the program.

    For that reason, Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – BOD Chairman of Coteccons Group – also expressed the company’s deep thanks to all employees and their families who devoted to the success of the Company even spent more time on working than spending time with his family. And he wanted that Coteccons’s traditional Day in early August every year would be the time for staff members to have fun together when they could relax and recharge energy for next working days.

    Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – BOD Chairman of Coteccons Group spoke at the Festival Day

    Some staff members told stories about early days of Coteccons

    At the event, the Organization Board announced that the total amount raised at the walking festival was VND 1.8 billion. This included contributions from Coteccons’s close partners and Coteccons employees in both Northern and Southern regions. This amount will be donated to the Coteccons Trade Union Fund for the Trade Union to deploy community-oriented plans, charitable programs for the miserable people in society.

    Nguyen Sy Cong – The company’s General Director presented the raised amount (just in form) to Ms. Duong Thu Yen, Coteccons Trade Union President

    Units and partners received Thank-you Certificates from the Organization Board in Hanoi

    Walking Festival Day – Thousands of Coteccons steps ended after a 4-km journey in the South and a 3.5-km journey in the North with the participation of nearly 4,000 Coteccons employees and their families, friends and the company’s partners. This journey is not as long as Coteccons’s 13-year journey, but it was enough for all Coteccons staff nationwide to see each other, go together, share with each other and spoke out loud the same slogan “Coteccons – If you want to go far, go together”.

    Joy of Coteccons staff on the Festival day

    In Hanoi: