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  • Vinhomes Bac Ninh Project speeded up the construction progress to overcome the rainy season

    25/05/2017 | Construction

    At this project, Unicons plays the role of the General Contractor in charge of the structures, the finishing work and mechanical & electrical system for a shopping center with 02 basements – 5 storeys, a 31-storey apartment tower and  a 27-storey condotel tower. Upon its completion, this work shall be one of the highest points to overlook the whole Bac Ninh City.

    Just commencing in February, 2017, as of now, Unicons has completed concrete placement of the ground floor for two blocks of the 27 storey tower and the 31-storey tower. The Project steering board is working as promptly as possible day and night for the purpose of construction of  column casings up to L12 floor for the two towers, speeding up the progress for the 2nd floor. With the continuous day and night construction, Unicons shall surely satisfy the progress demand from Vingroup.

    Photo: Overview of Vinhomes Bắc Ninh

    Currently, the work atmosphere on the site is very busy and “enthusiastic” in the context of the abnormal weather of the Northern region. in May, there are often prolonged showers, which adversely affects construction. In which, the sanitary work is the most considerable problem during performance of pile driving, beam bottom. The work is surrounded by clay so when it rains, muddy water will run into and adhere to the workmen’s shoes. Dealing with such obstructions, the site has been flexible in replanning the entrance and exit, providing the shoe cleaning area for workmen before entering the construction area.

    Floor concrete placement also encounters lasting rains in this stage. The site leaders have determined to keep up with the progress, equipped the workmen with raincoats to work during the rain to secure the work and keep health for the workmen. Before each concrete batch, the risks are analysed to take reasonable stand-by measures, to implement the work in the rain and continuously inspect the quality of the placed concrete batch.

    Mr. Truong Quoc Khanh, the Site Deputy Chief Engineer said: “For me, I have undergone several rainy seasons in various regions of the country. I find that each site has its own difficulties. The more difficult it is, the more we bring our power together and think of countermeasures to overcome, to drive each project to destination successfully and do not lose the Board of Directors’ trust.  As a construction worker, there are so many difficulties not only in the rainy seasons but in all reasons as well. In my opinion, the rainy season is the “season of unity” because at this time all of us join hands to overcome, after each rainy season, all of us become closer to each other, work in more united spirit”.

    Previously, Unicons’ Board of Leaders, the Project Management and Chief Site Engineer have continuously closely followed and instructed timely solutions to help the site to go with the rainy season of the Northern Region. In the spirit of shared determination and joined effort, it is sure that Vinhomes Bac Ninh Project’s Site Steering Board shall overcome the rainy season spectacularly, to make the project move toward with the most impressive quality and progress.