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    26/08/2014 | Company News

    The sportsfest attracted the participation of over 400 athletes to compete in 6 games including football, tennis, badminton, table-tennis, slow cycling, relay race (4x100m). This year event featured some new adjustments, as some sports took place outdoors rather than indoors like previous ones. Especially, football matches were held on natural grass pitch, with 7 players in each team. This actually added up to the attraction of competitions and the excitement of the spectators.

    All athletes competed with a spirit of integrity, solidarity and fair-play with an aim to promoting the core values of Coteccons Group. With the support of spectators, all football matches and other competitions were seen to take place in an exciting atmosphere.

    For Unicons staff, the anticipation for the sportsfest soon became exciting in offices and sites. Despite shortage of time for practice, they competed with highly motivated spirit and brought back glorious victories. In the end, the delegation won 1st and 2nd prize in badminton, 1st and 3rd prize in slow cycling, 3rd prize in table-tennis, the championship and 3rd prize in football. The spectator team of Unicons was also awarded for its great supporting for the athletes. Generally, Unicons delegation had a big victory in this year sportsfest, not only in terms of achievements but also the solidarity and teamwork spirit.

    The sportsfest officially ended with the closing ceremony held at Hoa Lu Stadium (District 1). The event indeed brought back a good opportunity for Unicons staff to express their love for sport, strengthen their health and liven up the spirit after hard working hours on sites.

    Other pictures of the event:

    Football Champion Unicons 2
    3rd prize Unicons 1
    Top scorer Mr. Phan Huynh Thinh
    Badminton 1st prize Mr. Nguyen Thanh Quang
    2nd prize Mr. Phan Minh Hieu
    Table-tennis 3rd prize Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem
    Slow cycling 1st prize Mr. Nguyen Dinh Huy
    3rd prize Ms. Tran Thi Thanh
    Relay race All prizes Unicons athletes
    Best spectator team 1st prize Unicons spectator team