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  • Unicons Trade Union “shared fire” with the Site Management Board of M-One Saigon South Project

    31/05/2017 | Company News

    At this meeting, Chairman of Unicons Trade Union Phan Thi Thanh Lang inquired the working at site. During the handover period at the end of the project, nearly 60 Unicons engineers worked day and night to keep pace with the finishing progress of hundreds of apartments. In the very “hot” period, the site received the positive assistance and support from the Board of leaders and the departments of Unicons – Coteccons. The best resources of the Corporation and the Group from human resources, equipment, construction technical management were all accrued to M-One Saigon South Project to provide assistance for speeding up the site progress. This was the moment when Unicons culture of unity and interdependence were shown the most clearly.

    In order to give strength and “share fire” with the site, the Trade Union’s representative was present on time and gave encouragement and regards of the Corporation’s Board of Leaders to the Project Steering Board. The meeting was also the occasion for the Trade Union to listen to and answer questions of all personnel about the training mode, the welfare policy and other career aspirations.

    On this occasion, the Trade Union presented each member a smart wristband with function of monitoring health and supporting the work. The small presents were like the spiritual encouragement of Unicons Board of Directors for all personnel and workmen of M-One project were struggling to fight with a huge workload.

    The Trade Union’s visit for the purpose of encouragement to M-One Saigon South Project closed with a lot of funs and feelings. After the meeting, all employees got back to work immediately with passion and enthusiasm. It is sure that with the flame strengthened by the Trade Union and Board of Leaders of the Corporation, M-One Saigon South site would come to the destination successfully with quality, progress beyond expectation of the Client and the future residents.