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  • Unicons Trade Union encourages personnel and workmen working at Sala Dai Quang Minh project cluster

    29/06/2017 | Company News

    It can be said that Dai Quang Minh Sala urban area is the cluster of sites on which Unicons extremely concentrates in term of budgets and resources and more than one tenth of total manpower and dedication of Unicons personnel and workmen are assigned in this area. Perceiving the “heat” in this place as well as the hardship of personnel and workmen, Unicons Trade Union took advantage of the short rest to visit, encourage and share with the personnel and workmen about all aspects of the works and the life.

    With the desire for providing the best health care for all employees, the Trade Union also gave each person in the Steering Board of Sarina, Saritown, Sarica, School and Shophouse Dai Quang Minh a smart wristband for health monitoring.

    In this way or another, the Trade Union always accompany all personnel and workmen and wish Uniconss’ all personnel and workmen who are working at the site cluster of Sala Dai Quang Minh are always enthusiastic and reassured to live and work wholeheartedly to ensure the progress, the quality and the safety of the project. Just only in a short time, the buildings built by the hands, the brains and dedication of Unicons all employees at Sala urban area will be completed and ready for welcoming the residents here with the outstanding utilities and living values.