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  • Unicons synchronously deploys BIM system of Structure – Finishing – ME for the purpose of enhancing the project quality and progress

    26/04/2017 | Company News

    In Vietnam, Coteccons is the pioneer in BIM and has gained various successes in the past time. As a corporation under Coteccons Group, Unicon does not work as the outsider of this leading construction trend. In April 2017, Unicons Board of Leaders decided to establish BIM Team, including 20 talented and enthusiastic engineers who are taking charge of shopdrawings at Unicons project nationwide.

    Pictures: Revit training course on April 25

    Continuously, from April 24, 2017 to April 29, 2017, the first centralized training course on Autodesk Revit software in Ho Chi Minh took place with participation of the Board of Leaders and all members of Unicons BIM team.

    Sharing at the opening program on April 25, Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong – the General Director of Unicons said the Corporation along with Coteccons had pioneered in BIM technology in Vietnam and the selection of a team in charge of BIM demonstrated a very big determination of Unicons in conquering and mastering this technology. “With our elite team, we are confident to bring a lot of benefits of BIM to the clients.” He said.

    Since BIM is capable of merging information from all aspects of the project construction process, the Clients can receive values as much as several times compared to traditional project management way. In fact, BIM technology now can create and use the digital model for design, construction and the whole project implementation process. The Client will have comprehensive information system on project before, during and after construction. Tightly controlling the information sources, the Client can enhance the design quality and control costs right at the beginning of the project.