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  • Unicons professionalized the presentation skills for back-office staff

    18/06/2017 | Company News

    On June 16 & 17, 2017, Unicons 20 staff of the first training course in 2017 spent the two weekend days very effectively when they both accumulated new knowledge from the trainers and spread positive energy sources to each other – a specific feature in Unicons. The course revolved the issues such as how to make an attractive presentation, how to use body language effectively, keys to control worries, methods to prepare Powerpoint professionally and other necessary skills of a successful presenter.

    Applying attractive methods so that the learners both obtained knowledge and practiced skills on the spot, Mr. Bui Do Nguyen and Ms. Pham Thi Hong, two instructors from John&Partner JSC created an open space throughout lessons. Unicons personnel had opportunity to interact with the instructors, attach to the colleagues and practice many quality presentations.

    After 02 days of training, positive feedbacks from the instructors as well as the learners showed the success of the program. All personnel of Unicons Office departments were more self-confident, paid attention to the presentation skills and raised attraction during public speaking.

    In the coming time, various short-term training courses on soft skills shall be organized by Unicons. When all potentialities are explored and cultivated, Unicons employees shall become more and more confident, strongly speed up together with the Corporation’s development.