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  • Unicons presented the preliminary summary business report for the first half of 2017

    10/08/2017 | Company News

    At the ceremony, Unicons CEO Tran Kim Long appreciated efforts and dedication of all officers and employees in the first half of 2017. In spite of only over half the ‘journey’ completed, we can all believe that Unicons can reach, even exceed its financial goals set in 2017.

    Mr. Tran Kim Long delivered a speech at the ceremony

    Reports on preliminary summary also showed many of Unicons’s positive improvements in the organizational system, how projects are being implemented, and the human resources development strategy. To accelerate during the remaining journey of 2017, all Unicons managers agree to unite, stabilize the human resources, focus on training their successors and strengthen external relations with customers and partners.

    Unicons managers presented a report on preliminary summary of production and business in the first 6 months of 2017

    The ceremony of preliminary summary of production and business in the first 6 months of 2017 held by Unicons was successful in the atmosphere of frank, open and sincere communications of all participants. This event is periodically held by Unicons once every six months of operation. Not only listing and presenting the results, ceremonies of preliminary summary and final summary of production and business held by Unicons are an opportunity for leaders and managers to be more closely connected and more consistent in their management and coordination work. With the capacity of the management and unity of all officers and staff members, Unicons will certainly reap many successes and complete all the plans set in 2017.