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  • Unicons organized the periodic medical check up for all personnel and workmen

    22/06/2017 | Company News

    In the medical checkup of 2017, Unicons has chosen Vinmec Health Care System under Vingroup as its companion. As one of the leading brands in the health care field, in addition to owning the qualified and experienced doctors and nurses, Vinmec Health Care System also has several hospitals nationwide, helping all employees of Unicons working in various places easily take the medical checkup.

    The health check package selected by Unicons is the high-end one, which includes full examinations from clinical laboratory tests to X-rays, abdominal, cardiac and pulmonary ultrasounds, etc., Accordingly, the employees will be comprehensively checked, diagnosed and advised about better physical and mental health care methods. Being aware of the program importance, Unicons employees have managed to participate in the medical checkup with the self-conscious and exciting attitude.

    Annually, the employees working in Unicons are entitled receive the medical checkup and the quality of the checkup is increased. This is the way that Unicons Board of Leaders shows close care to the workers who are the most valuable assets of Unicons. With the strong physical bodies and the optimistic spirits, certainly, nearly 1,000 Unicons employees will be firmly united to make more contributions to the development of the Corporation and the Group.