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  • Unicons is listed on Top 5 Largest Private Construction Enterprises in Vietnam

    24/12/2013 | Company News

    Vietnam Report and Vietnamnet have released VNR500 Ranking – Top 500 Largest Enterprises in 2013. Overcoming difficulties and disadvantages of Vietnam economy, Unicons has achieved positive results, and  been listed in Top 5 Largest Private Construction Enterprises in Vietnam.

    VNR500 Ranking

    Through over 20 construction sites throughout Vietnam, in addition to projects in Laos and Cambodia, Unicons has continuously identify its ability in the market. In the meanwhile, the engineering team have been trained and experienced in a highly professional environment.

    Since 2013,  Unicons has officially been a member of Coteccons Group, who increased its capital investment to 51% in Unicons, making Unicons’ charter capital increased from 63.6 billion VND to 90 billion VND.

    In 2013, Unicons continued to be awarded large and complicated construction package

    Besides business activities, Unicons has also strengthen its resources such as management system, equipments, finance, as well as to enhance compensation and benefits for laborers.

    Unicons has been up 2 levels in comparison with the year 2012 when Unicons was ranked No.7 among Vietnamese Private Construction Enterprises.