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  • Unicons hosted the Unicafe session in July 2019 and honored employees with more than 10 years of service

    13/07/2019 | Company News

    The program welcomed Coteccons Group Chairman – Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong, the Management and nearly 170 managerial officers and staffs of Unicons.

    Unicafe is an occasion for Unicons managerial officers who work nation-wide to meet, learn and share. Unicafe concerned a wide range of topics, from professional knowledge, managementship to soft skills. In the July 2019 Unicafe session, Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – Chairman of Coteccons Group put on table enthusiastic insights into the culture of Coteccons Group, development orientation of Unicons, passion for work and career dedication. He supposed corporate culture to be the core value and competitive advantage of Coteccons Group over its rivals. Each employee of Unicons – Coteccons Group must always be kind, make good deeds and keep their glowing passion for work and career dedication.

    Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – Chairman of Coteccons Group shared his viewpoint to more than 150 Unicafe club members

    Mr. Le Chi Trung – Unicons General Director gave a snapshot on the performance of Unicons in the first 6 months of 2019. Accordingly, Unicons has excellently maintained the reputable position as a leading construction contractor in Vietnam, widened its project market and excellently established a young, dynamic and well-grounded human resource.

    Mr. Le Chi Trung – Unicons General Director

    To pay tribute to the dedication of staff members throughout the company’s evolution, in the middle of Unicafe session on July 13, 2019, Unicons respectfully held a Ceremony to Honor employees with seniority of over 10 years. During the Ceremony, all employees looked back on the 13-year journey accompanying Unicons and 15 years with Coteccons Group undergoing precious feelings and memories. If it had not for a team of high enthusiasm and professional qualification that always kept themselves consolidated and allying the company against all challenges, Unicons would have not reached so brilliant achievements as today.

    Unicons senior members revisited memorable stories during their service at the company

    On behalf of those employees with seniority of over 10 years, Mr. Huynh Quoc Thai conveyed his emotion and pride of his attachment to Unicons – Coteccons Group: “During my time at Unicons, I sincerely cherish the keen consideration of the company Management and affection of my warm-hearted colleagues. Thank you, Unicons, for giving me the second home. The company’s appreciation is the motivation of our career dedication and our passion to contribute. ”

    Unicons’s Management awarded medals to employees who had over 10 years of service at Unicons

    The messages of the July 2019 Unicafe session and Ceremony to honor Unicons employees of over 10 years of service would give further push for all current employees of Unicons to enthusiastically devote and accompany the company in the journey to new challenges ahead.

    Unicons employees attended the Unicafe session in July 2019