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  • Unicons completed construction of Gentherm Vietnam greenfield factory

    28/08/2015 | Construction

    The greenfield factory located on a 2-hectare plot is to manufacture air-con systems for automotive and other industries. Once on the run, Gentherm’s first factory in Asia will generate around 1,500 jobs and expand the business across the nation. Talking with our General Director, a representative of Gentherm said it was a huge happiness for their employees to work in “the new home” built by Unicons, as its high quality met their technical and progress requirements.

    Gentherm marks Unicons’ outstanding progress as a main contractor in the management of human, resources and technology. The warehouse and main factory area were specifically constructed with our most advanced technology of concrete floor, meeting the condense operation of the global leader in thermal technology. After the construction completion we will continue to support our client with warranty service for a long-term usage.

    As an avant-garde in innovation and project management, Unicons always desires to make latter projects better than the former ones. We do not only build the building but also create the trust and satisfaction to the Clients via sustainable benefits and added values. These criteria help make Unicons become the final choice for foreign investors in their biggest local projects.