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    20/03/2013 | Company News

    Rally in C15B Site

    Being a part of program to advocate national week of “Occupational Hygiene, Safety and Fire, Explosion Prevention” (17-23 March 2013), the subject of this rally is “to promote safety culture and propose methods to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, fire, and explosion in workplaces”. The event has welcomed esteemed guests from HCMC Department of Construction, HCMC Department of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs, the Press, Phu My Hung Corporation, Sino-Pacific Corporation, Unicons Management Board, and about 300 engineers and workers of C15B Site.

    Guests from HCMC Departments and the Press

    C15B is a part of International Financial and Commercial Center Star Hill which consists of 7 blocks ranging from 4 to 7 floors. Especially, this large-scale project locates in residential center and has large number of workers. Therefore, safety control and fire prevention are strictly managed. According to Unicons HSE Department, up to 20 March 2013, C15B Site has achieved 225,127 safe man hours for average of 255 workers per day.

    Engineers and workers in C15B Project

    Mr. Le Trong Sang – Standing Deputy Director of HCMC Department of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs and Vice President of HCMC Labor Protection Council has quickly reviewed some results and appreciated positive changes of safety performance over the City in general and construction industry in particular.

    Mr. Le Trong Sang – Deputy Director of HCMC Department of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs delivered speech at the Rally

    Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong – General Director – representing Contractor showed determination to maintain safe workplace for employees

    National Program for occupational hygiene, safety and fire, explosion protection has received positive responses from all workers. With hard-working and safety spirit, the whole team aim to complete the project successfully, contributing to Phu My Hung and HCMC development.

    Mr. Truong Chien Thang representing C15B workers commited to work safe

    The consensus and determination of Unicons Staff is great courage and motivation for them to execute the job with foremost safety, high quality, and on time.

    After the rally, they enthusiastically continued working with slogan “safety first”