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  • Mr. Vuong Minh Hung presented at the appointment decision awarding ceremony.

    In the ceremony, Mr. Vuong Minh Hung presented his plans for the development of the Commercial Division to the Unicons Board of Directors, Project Directors (PDs), Department Heads, and Project Commanders (PCs). He outlined strategies to closely monitor the activities of departments such as Bidding and CCM to enhance bidding capabilities while ensuring the company’s profitability. Additionally, he suggested improvements for the Equipment Department and Safety Department – Construction Force to optimize their operations in the future.

    Attending the appointment decision awarding ceremony were General Directors of Coteccons, Unicons and Project Director, Project Commander and representatives of Unicons departments.

    Addressing the audience, Mr. Vo Hoang Lam shared insights into overcoming barriers when adopting new habits. He emphasized the importance of transcending familiarity with the old ways and embracing new challenges to achieve different results, citing Mr. Hung as an example of this principle.

    Following the presentation, Mr. Tran Van Lam – CEO of Unicons, provided feedback and suggestions to align on the overall direction and implementation plan for the future. Speaking about the new Commercial Director, Mr. Lam said: “The process of working with Mr. Hung is the process in which I personally learn more about meticulousness and precision in each job. That personality applies to every project he carries out, ensuring both quality and bringing the highest efficiency to the Company.” The General Director hopes that Mr. Vuong Minh Hung will ignite more spirit and bring a new perspective to the Unicons team.

    The appointment decision awarding ceremony took place successfully

    Mr. Vuong Minh Hung has been with Coteccons – Unicons since 2003, serving in various important positions in both companies. Prior to his appointment as Commercial Director, he held roles such as Cost Control and Contract Management Officer, Project Commander for projects including Tang Nhon Phu, Carina, and Arico at Coteccons. He later transitioned to Unicons in 2015, where he served as Project Commander for the Van Lang University project and was responsible for the Cost Management and Contract Management Department before being appointed as the Commercial Director.