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  • May 2, 2024 |  Company News

    On the morning of April 26, 2024, Unicons – Coteccons Group participated in the Career Day – Job Fair 2024, organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – VNU-HCM, attracting a large number of students. This is also one of the annual activities of Coteccons – Unicons and the Faculty of Civil Engineering to connect and bring internship and job opportunities to students.

    Career Day – Job Fair 2024 is a meaningful event that helps students connect with businesses, engage directly with recruiters, and gain a better understanding of future career directions. It also helps companies select high-quality personnel.

    At this event, Unicons, in partnership with Coteccons, brought numerous job openings and immediate employment opportunities in a top professional environment in the construction industry. Students had their questions answered about the challenges and preparations needed for internships and official work at businesses.

    Aiming to find a team with strong English skills to meet global standards and work on international projects, Coteccons – Unicons conducted direct interviews with many students, selecting those who meet the company’s criteria. In addition to recruitment advice, students visiting the Coteccons – Unicons booth also participated in fun “knowledge test” games and received attractive gifts.

    Mr. Ho Phi Long, Head of Human Resources and General Affairs at Unicons, stated: “Over 18 years of development, Unicons has become a reputable contractor in the construction field. Unicons always considers people as the core element, with the commitment of the staff being the foundation for sustainable development. Therefore, the company always focuses on training future talent, organizing many career guidance programs at universities. Through these activities, Unicons wants to provide opportunities to young students with a good attitude, professional skills, and a passion for working and learning in a top construction company in Vietnam.”

    To contribute to the sustainable development of the company, Unicons continuously invests in and upgrades its human resources – the strength behind the company’s growth over the past 18 years. At Unicons, every employee and even interns are given the best conditions to unlock their potential and maximize their capabilities. Besides offering competitive benefits, the company continuously organizes training programs ranging from technical to soft skills to enhance the internal strength of its personnel. The dynamic, democratic working environment and outstanding policies make Unicons stand out, helping retain and continuously attract talented individuals, creating a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce.

    Stepping into 2024, Unicons promises to continue making significant breakthroughs. In the next phase, Unicons will continuously expand recruitment and attract talented individuals, especially young professionals with good technical skills, dynamism, enthusiasm, and a passion for the construction industry.