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  • Special training workshop for site managers

    03/01/2015 | Company News

    Electric shock is listed among 3 most popular lost-time incidents that may happen on construction sites, besides high fall and fire cases. Regarding the importance of reinforcing the knowledge of electricity safety for site managers, Unicons held a special training workshop at its headquarters on 2 January 2015.

    The one-day training program combined the basic and advanced theory of electricity and safety principles. Besides, the lecturer made a detailed instruction on how to operate the devices safely. Also on this occasion, Unicons site managers had a discussion about applicable measures to solve unsafe issues on sites.

    In the reality, workers are directly exposed to the risk of electric shock while operating portable electrical devices, electric cabinets or power lines. Accidents may happen due to the workers’ carelessness or objective reasons like rainy weather or equipment durability, though all Unicons sites are complying tightly with the safety regulations. Therefore, it is necessary site managers should master all safety principles to better supervise and control any risk in running the project.

    Holding the training workshop on safety on the first working day of 2015, Unicons expressed its determination of prioritize the safety among other project managerial criteria. Similar training activities will be conducted to all Unicons managers and staff in the coming time.