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  • The Fusion Resort & Villas Danang project, managed by Unicons as the main contractor for the entire hotel complex, has reached its final stages before handing over the completed project to the Investor. Currently, the project management team is in the process of inspecting the Fire Protection and Prevention system with relevant authorities.

    Previously, the Unicons management received confirmation of the completion and handover of the electrical installation work from the Investor and the consulting unit.

    The electrical system at the project has been inspected by Unicons along with relevant parties.

    Fusion is a well-known name in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with many luxury resort systems spanning across major cities. The newly launched 5-star Fusion Resort & Villas Danang complex by Fusion Danang is situated in the city dubbed as the “most livable” city in Vietnam. On one side, the resort complex embraces nearly 300m of Non Nuoc beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Danang, while the other side faces the city’s top-notch golf courses.

    In addition to amenities such as outdoor BBQ restaurants, the trademark that defines Fusion is its health care spa system. At Fusion Danang, the Spa area will be situated in a tranquil garden with natural light surrounding. With these advantages, Fusion Danang is sure to be the ideal stopover for tourists visiting the city of bridges.

    Unicons takes on the role of general contractor for the hotel block.

    So far, the hotel’s construction work has been 95% completed. It is expected that in May 2024, Unicons Steering Committee will complete the remaining work and officially hand over to the Investor.

    The overall landscape of the Fusion Resort & Villas Danang resort complex.

    The entire Fusion Resort & Villas Danang complex is invested by Nam Phat Hotel and Villa Limited Company, with the project officially commenced in February 2022. This project marks the first collaboration between Unicons and the Fusion Group. Given the success of the Fusion project, Unicons was fortunate to be entrusted as the main contractor for the Hiive Binh Duong VSIPII hotel project (completed in December 2023),

    Once again, congratulations to the Fusion Danang management team!