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  • Kicked off The Goldview project

    08/04/2015 | Construction

    The Goldview is regarded as one of the most significant projects in the segment of high-rise and commercial building of both Coteccons and Unicons this year. Incorporating 2 towers (27 floors and 33 floors respectively) and a mega mall complex, the project will offer a wide range of high-class services like apartments, shopping and recreation with top-of-the-line quality in District 4.

    Unicons participates in the project with the package of piling, diaghram wall, structure of basement and Tower B (27 floors, 1500m2 each) and part of Tower A (33 floors, 7600m2 each). The basement will be constructed with semi topdown technology. The whole project will expectedly finish in late August 2017 as committed with the Investor.

    From the end of 2014 and to the beginning of this year, the market of commercial real estate in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi continues to heat up with large-scale projects guaranteed by the brandname of Coteccons and Unicons – two contractors among 10 largest private construction entreprises in Vietnam. Navigating the high-rise and commercial complex as the strategic segment in 2015, Unicons will continuously innovate the construction method and mobilise all resources to optimize sustainable benefits of the Investor.