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  • Today, Unicons sites and offices nationwide celebrated a very special occasion of the year – Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th) for all female employees. Male engineers gave bouquets of flower, songs and gifts to their female colleagues to express the love and respect for all of their contributions to the company.

    20/10/2014 | Company News

    Unicons’ Trade Union today held a special talkshow themed “Woman’s psychology in modern times” hosted by Mr. Huynh Van Son, an expert in psychology. The show actually attracted the attendance of Unicons female staff. At Unicons sites like Camoplast, Knauf…, the Site Management Board also held get-together activities to send best wishes and flower to its female employees.

    At Unicons, there are fewer female employees than male ones, due to the company’s particular scope of work. However, female employees have played a significant role in every aspect, making enormous contributions to the company’s success in the past 8 years. Several managers at Unicons are female, and they have continuously fulfiled their mission to the expectation of the Board of Management.

    On this special occasion, Unicons would wish all of its female employees good health, happiness and success in their life and career to help the company achieve bigger milestones in the coming time.