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  • Continuing the spirit of “Living 19 – living with integrity and perseverance in doing the right things”, Coteccons Unicons organized the Men’s Soccer Qualifiers, part of the largest sports event of the year “Coteccons Olympic 2023.” This initial step aims to identify the most promising candidates for the 2023 Men’s Soccer Championship. The goal for all participating athletes is not only the medal but also the spirit of teamwork “One team – One Direction” and the valuable lessons learned from the tournament.

    The Southern Region tournament took place over two days, October 28th and 29th, at Phui Saigon Football Field, with the participation of 12 teams from various departments and construction sites from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City, along with enthusiastic fans of the king of sports.

    One notable highlight of this year’s tournament was the “Office Tour” program for the “newbie” players before the Group Stage began. This was an opportunity for the project management teams to visit the Unicons office in its new look, interact, and exchange with office departments they usually only communicate with by phone.

    Throughout the tournament, the audience witnessed incredibly exciting and dramatic matches. On the first day, the matches were played under harsh weather conditions, with continuous rain during many group stage matches, but the spirit of the Unicons players remained undiminished.

    The following day was truly a “fiery” day, not only because of Saigon’s sun but also due to the intense heat emanating from the matches. There were spectacular comebacks, tense penalty shootouts, fierce ball battles, and, of course, joyous high-fives upon winning. These meaningful moments, where team spirit and determination reached their peak, were what the audience felt throughout the two days of competition.

    The season concluded with a lively and open Gala exchange program for the soccer teams. No longer the fierce competitors on the field, all teams joyfully joined in celebrating the champions and congratulating the efforts of all the teams.

    We thank the participation of the 12 teams and the fans who together created a successful Southern Region season. Stay tuned for the performances of Office Unicons and Hiive Binh Duong in the Coteccons Olympic 2023.

    The Men’s Soccer Qualifiers 2023 – Northern Region will take place on November 11-12, 2023.