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  • On June 28, Unicons management had the opportunity to participate in the CTD Talk program with the theme “Green FDI – HSE Practices and Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” organized by the Coteccons Academy (CTA). This is a regular program in the series of industry knowledge sharing workshops of Coteccons Group.

    At the workshop, Mr. Vu Linh Quang, General Director of Ardor Green, and Mr. Do Duong Truc, Safety Director of Coteccons, shared their experiences, exchanged ideas, and promoted the implementation of safety practices, minimizing risks related to health and the environment. They also discussed future trends in green construction, providing insights into the approach to design, construction, and project management for FDI projects that Coteccons Group is undertaking.

    With the knowledge and experience shared by industry experts, the workshop not only helped the company’s management improve their knowledge and skills in HSE practices but also provided a deeper understanding of how to design, construct, and manage FDI projects that Unicons has, is, and will be involved in in the future.

    In addition, the workshop is also one of the practical actions in Coteccons Group’s ESG sustainable development orientation, reaffirming its commitment to promoting labor safety and environmental protection, contributing to the realization of the sustainable development goals of all companies in the Coteccons Group.

    Moving forward, CTA will continue to collaborate with reputable speakers in the industry to organize many other attractive topics. Let’s join Unicons in looking forward to the next CTD Talk sessions.