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  • Coteccons Group and thoughts about “professional ethics”

    03/06/2017 | Company News

    Sharing about the professional site pictures and the effective financial management

    In the opening part, Coteccons’ Project Manager Nguyen Luong Tri Quang and Unicons’ Project Manager Tran Van Lam took turns to share two thoughtful presentations about the professional site image according to Coteccons standards and the experience in effective financial management. These were two important skills in the project management task and very practical to the work of the site managers. Two experienced project managers received the enthusiastic responses from the audiences.

    “Professional ethics” – the story of the true practitioner

    There is one thing which is easy to be seen in the recent time, the society has been having a “not very bright” vision about the construction industry. More and more works have bad qualities with delayed progress and lack of transparency. As a leading enterprise in the construction industry, Coteccons Group has set the mission of changing such point of view by high-quality products performed by the dedicated people. Coteccons Group’s Board of Leaders finds that this is the suitable time to exchange with the managers about the right thoughts of “Professional ethics” – ethics of the true practitioners.

    “For Unicons in particular and Coteccons Group in general, the professional ethics is the thing that is considered as the most important thing to the career. Once we have worked in a dedicated manner and kept us transparent in any works, we shall have peace in mind and always sleep well every night. Above all, it is happiness and pride to be ourselves in the career and we do not go against the career dedication because of any personal benefits. It is also the silent happiness to find the Client satisfied with a project with high quality – quick progress – absolute safety”, Unicons General Director Nguyen Sy Cong shared with more than 300 engineers in the training program.

    Mr. Nguyễn Sỹ Công – Unicons General Director shared at the event

    According to him, the construction service products of Coteccons Group as well as of Unicons over the past 12 years were the evidence for a true construction enterprise to clearly understand and follow “professional morality”. Taking actions in accordance with its professional ethics, Coteccons Group also contributed to make the community and the society have more positive visions and honour contributions of the construction industry in the common development of the nation.

    In his sharing part, he read many valuable excerpts in the book “Right work” by Gian Tu Trung author. On this occasion, Unicons General Director also gave 300 books to all attendees in the program.

    The training session closed successfully and brought a quantity of useful knowledge to the attendees. It is sure that with steady knowledge background and true professional ethics, Coteccons Group’s engineer team shall go further and create various valuable products for the life and the community.