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  • With the desire to create the best conditions for all new employees to quickly integrate into the environment and work, in the “Welcome to our Journey” program, the Board of Directors spent time sharing about 9 values. core and future development directions of the company. In addition, you also listen to the thoughts and wishes as well as answer questions for new employees. 

    After the meeting, Ms. Vo Hong Diep – New employee of Unicons System & Legal Department shared: “Being able to sit and chat with the Board of Directors in such a close atmosphere is a wonderful experience. My new friends and I have been able to listen, ask questions and receive very sincere answers from you. It seems like there is no longer a gap between “Boss” and “employees”. Even though I’ve only joined Unicons for 2 months, I have integrated very quickly thanks to the support and guidance from surrounding colleagues. This is definitely a very good environment for me to be able to stick together, accompany and develop.” 

    “Do your job well, success will find you” – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan – Deputy General Director of Coteccons ended the sharing session with his favorite saying. According to him, only when we understand the culture and core values of the company can each individual establish the values and goals to aim for. From then on, we constantly strive to work, develop ourselves, and bring success to ourselves and the entire organization.