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    30/07/2019 | Company News

    The football tournament was a traditional and cultural activity of Unicons in particular and Coteccons Group in general. This was the playground for staff members from all construction sites and offices to make sport friends, improve their health, and cement the solidarity and attachment, said Mr. Ho Van Thao – Unicons Deputy General Director, at the opening of the tournament.

    The match schedule was properly arranged and balanced between matching time and resting time, so that players could get the best spirit and health when joining in this year tournament.

    In his speech at the Gala – Awarding Ceremony, Mr. Le Chi Trung – Unicons General Director highly appreciated the sports spirit of football teams for their energetic dedication to breath-taking matches and spectacular moves.

    The tournament with dramatic and thrilling matches came to a greatly successful end with the final results as follow:

    I. North Vietnam

    • Championship: Hanoi Office
    • Second Prize: Vin Gia Lam 2
    • Third Prize: Giang Vo and Gia Minh – Doji
    • Fairplay Prize: An Sinh – Meiko
    • Excellent Cheerleading Prize: Hilton – Sun
    • Excellent Players: Mac Khac Vu, Chu Van Thuong and Nguyen Van Tho
    • Best Goalkeeper: Tran Van Duat
    • The first scorer of the final match: Nguyen Van Tho

    II. South Vietnam

    • Championship: Vin Q9
    • Second Prize: Da Nang
    • Third Prize: Office 1 and Marigot
    • Fairplay Prize: EcoGreen
    • Excellent Cheerleading Prize: GHomes
    • Excellent Players: Ho Phi Long (Office 1) and Ngo Tat Thang (Da Nang)
    • Best goalkeeper: Ho Phi Tram (Da Nang)

    “Unicons Championship 2019” closed and left a plenty of unforgettable memories to not only football teams but also audiences. This tournament is an occasion for Unicons to select the best candidates to join the upcoming Coteccons Group 2019 Sports Festival.

    Let’s take a look at photos of the “Unicons Championship 2019” tournament.