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  • All four projects are located in remote islands, making transportation difficult, so the organizing committee has been very proactive. As soon as there was information about the “Building Tet” program, the transportation of gifts was prepared early by the organizing committee. The site secretaries had to work continuously with the Administrative Department at the company to ensure that the gifts were delivered on time, in the right quantity, and with quality guaranteed.

    The program at the construction sites of Tropical Village + Show Vortex, Meyhomes Phu Quoc, and Bai Trao took place in an extremely warm atmosphere filled with laughter. It was not just a gift-giving session; everyone also had the opportunity to become “singers,” participating in cultural exchanges with each other.

    Especially at Bai Trao, despite the extremely difficult transportation to the project, with very limited means of transportation, the organizing committee still tried to find hairdressers to come to the island and provide haircuts for the workers.

    Mr. Phan Thanh Tai –Deputy Commander of Bai Trao Project shared: “Bai Trao is considered the ‘island of islands,’ with difficult material conditions, so the organizing committee must pay even more attention to the lives and spirits of the workers. Through the Tet Building program, the site management team strives to not only deliver gifts directly but also to ‘beautify’ the workers. This is a deep gratitude for their silent contributions.”

    Once again, we would like to thank the distant island workers who have dedicated day and night to create iconic works. Unicons always appreciates and acknowledges their significant contributions, wishing everyone a warm and happy Tet holiday with their families and loved ones. And Unicons’ “Building Tet” journey continues to bring more laughter and joy to many people.

    Some images of “Building Tet” at Phu Quoc Project Cluster:

    Tropical Village + Show Vortex construction site


    Meyhomes Phu Quoc construction site

    Bai Trao construction site