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  • From June 13 to 16, through the “Our house” project series, the Site Management Board of the Apache Shoe Factory Project has given a new coat of paint to Nhi Binh Primary School, in Nhi Binh hamlet, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang Province.

    With paint buckets utilized from the on-site paint storage, the dilapidated and faded classrooms and fences at Nhi Binh Primary School have been repainted, infused with fresh colors. The Site Management Board and the workers worked continuously for the past 4 days, despite the scorching sun of the sweltering summer. All the workers did not mind the hardship, working diligently with a strong belief that the smiles of the students will be brighter than ever when they see the new look of their classrooms.

    Mr. Ho Dang Phu, Unicons Technical Supervisor shared “The ‘Our house’ project this time is even more meaningful because it has helped Mr. Nguyen Van Quang, the former principal of Nhi Binh Primary School, fulfill his long-cherished wish of renovating the classrooms for the students, as he will retire in just 6 months.”

    Unicons always believes that in order to build a more developed and prosperous Vietnam, the success of large-scale projects with modern architecture must go hand in hand with building a sustainable environment and a high sense of community responsibility. This is also the message of the “Our house” project that Unicons is implementing “Wherever Coteccons – Unicons goes, it makes it greener and better.” With well-equipped classrooms, Unicons hopes to further empower the students’ journey to conquer knowledge, for a brighter future.

    Let’s join Unicons in revisiting the meaningful images of the Apache Project Management Team’s “Our house” project and stay tuned for the next stop of the “Our house” bus!