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  • After overcoming numerous challenges, particularly during the period when the entire country was battling the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swan Lake Residences project has now entered the handover phase and is ready to welcome its future residents.

    The Swan Lake Apartment Complex features two basement levels, three podium levels dedicated to a shopping center, and five towers ranging from 33 to 40 floors. Unicons is responsible for the construction of Towers L1 and L2, which have a total construction area of over 180,000 square meters, providing nearly 600 apartments per tower.

    The project employs a unique T-shaped design, enabling over 75% of the apartments to have priceless views directly facing the Swan Lake Park. All apartments feature balconies with greenery, blending seamlessly with Ecopark’s vast green spaces and an array of top-notch amenities, creating a perfect living environment for future owners.

    The project’s most distinctive feature is its Japanese-standard hot mineral spring system designed by Raymond Sekki, a renowned Japanese architectural firm specializing in Onsen (hot spring) resort design. In addition to 14 Onsen hot mineral pools, steam rooms, and a grand spa area, the project also brings hot mineral springs to each apartment, supporting health therapy and allowing residents to enjoy resort-like amenities within their own homes.

    Currently, the project is in the process of handing over units to customers. Soon, it will become a bustling and vibrant residential community. Congratulations to the project management team for successfully delivering the project safely, on schedule, and with high quality. With the dedication of each member of the management team, Swan Lake Residences is sure to be a high-class project offering a unique and distinct experience for customers.

    Let’s admire Swan Lake Residences basking in the warm sunlight.