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  • One of the golden rules for a sustainable enterprise is to grow strong without detaching from the community. In September 2022, the “Our house” Project was initiated with the aim of using paint buckets donated by Site Management Board to give a new look to community works and projects in the localities and regions where Unicons operates, realizing the company’s heartfelt message “Wherever Coteccons – Unicons goes, it makes it greener and better.”

    In 2023, continuing to promote the extremely meaningful message of Our house, the Site Management Board of projects such as Meyhomes Phu Quoc, Bai Lu, Crytal Palace, Wink Tuy Hoa, etc. cooperated with local authorities to implement the Our house project series, painting community works that showed signs of deterioration, from schools and common living spaces of residential groups to neighborhood signs and People’s Committees, leaving many good impressions on the hearts of the people in the area.

    Through the sharing received by the communication department, most of the Site Management Board members participating in the Our house project have one thing in common: the happiness of seeing the bright eyes full of joy of the people living in the area where Our house goes through, mixed with a bit of pride because they have contributed good things to the community and society.

    Let’s take a look back at the images that capture the spirit of sharing, connection, and collaboration that Unicons people have made in 2023 and surely in this 2024, we will continue to extend this meaningful journey to many more provinces and cities, bringing a “new coat – new paint color” to community works where Unicons’ projects are being built.