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  • Unicons engineers and workmen unify to overcome record sunny and hot season in Hanoi

    06/06/2017 - Construction | 621 lượt xem

    On the early days of June 2017, Hanoi and the Northern provinces were suffered from the record extreme hot weather which made the construction process at Unicons projects encounter so many obstacles. The temperature in Hanoi frequently exceeded 40 degree Celsius, the air became increasingly dense in the sites where, there is a great deal of steels, fume and dust. To be active in response to such situation, in May, Unicons Board of Leaders issued instructions on implementing hot weather policy applicable to the Northern sites.

    The Steering Board in the Northern sites such as Vinhomes Gardenia, Vifon Hai Duong, Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony.etc., promptly proposed anti-heat countermeasures for the workforce.

    Now, the sites are flexible in adjusting the working daytime hours of the workmen to minimize period of time working under the direct hot sunlight. In the morning, the workmen start the work at 4:00 and 6:00, finish at about 8:00 and 10:00. In the afternoon, they start later at about 15:00 and finish the shift at 19:00.

    Free beverages are available for the workmen at Unincon’s sites

    Especially, as good tradition of the previous years, Unicons Site Steering Boards have provided lemonade, sugar and ice for each workman, refreshing and avoiding water loss when workmen work under too high temperature.

    Mr. Le Minh Hai, Unicons safety officer in the Northern region revealed: “Unicons sites have taken the initiative in installing sunlight shelters, water system for face wash and clean filtered water for the purpose of ensuring health for workmen. In addition, teams of safety officers and health workers are always on duty and ready for rescue in case of sunstroke.”

    With the active efforts of Unicons ‘s Steering Boards, health of engineers and workmen are cared and protected better in the hot weather and the construction progress and quality of the project in the Northern region shall be ensured in the best manner.